You Built a Wall

You built yourself a wall, I found a small crack,
I pushed out a stone, you just put it right back;
You sealed yourself in, I climbed up the side,
I waved over to you, you tried even more to hide.

You built a roof over the wall, I found the hole,
I peered down inside, you covered your soul;
You put in a new door, I knocked on the wood,
I asked to come in, but you thought it not good.

You put in a window, I tapped on the glass,
I wanted to be your sun, you decided to pass;
You put up curtains, I looked through the part,
I wrote you a poem, you took it right to heart.

You shed a single tear, I asked you to dance,
I offered my best smile, you took the chance;
You let me step inside, I asked where to stand,
I reached out in love, you took hold of my hand.


© May 2002