Written in My Heart

We came together out of need, each seeking someone to share,
The sorrows that life had dealt, to tell another who would care;
And from a lingering sadness, arose an endearing team,
That blossomed into happiness, and created a new dream.

Where once had existed two souls, alone when the day was done,
Are now together always, for the two have become as one;
A bonding of two spirits, which has grown daily more and more,
A maturing of true friendship, that exceeds the day before.

Now much of what she said to me, I just couldn't understand,
Till what I needed to know, was found in the touch of her hand;
And all she spoke to me, could have been nothing more than lies,
But now I know the plain truth, for I have seen it in her eyes.

So from this moment forward, no matter how the road may turn,
I have found a constant companion, to live and love and learn;
About the things that matter, and that each end is a new start,
We'll be as one forever, your name is written in my heart.


© March 1997