It is not enough to write a few words here and there,
To let you know about how much I have grown to care;
And how very special a person you are to me,
Or how I promise to be your close friend, endlessly...

But words put in this poem are all I have at this time,
My only safe means to tell you, is my gift of rhyme;
Some day I hope to be able to stand in a place,
Where with courage and no shame, I can say to your face...

That I don't always understand what you are going through
but that I'll be here when you do what you must do
That I enjoy the time we spend together as friends
and though I may be in the shadows, our friendship never ends

I watch silently as your life unfolds around you
helpless of sorts to be a part, yet knowing you know what to do
So I sit and ponder of years to come
knowing that I am one of the few that knows where you've come from..

I'll tell you how thankful I am, we should chance to meet,
How much it means to me through the bitter and sweet;
You have always been there for me, time and time again,
And one day soon I hope I can say to you my friend...

Just how very special, you have become in my mind,
How each day, I realize, more than a friend I did find;
To tell you all the things, that lay heavy on my heart,
And how I often miss you, whenever we're apart...

Jill & Fox

© March 1994