She gazes out into a star filled night
the world going 'round without a fight,
She gazes into her lover's eyes
dreamimg for just this occasion to arise,
She sleeps unknowing of what the next day brings
but awakes just the same to the same old things,
She weeps a tear to a silent place
knowing some day she'll be gone without a trace ..

Of the billions of souls that gaze at the starry night,
just a handful make it into eternal limelight;
Many get to look into the eyes of a lover,
yet so few ever really do seem to discover;
That even though no one can know what tomorrow brings,
the importance of today is about little things;
So you may shed tears, unknowing, in your silent place,
while 'this' heart beats, of you, there will always be a trace....

And her heart warms as her friends come to say
that she'll never be forgotten, even after that ending day,
Yet she still floats, as if on a fluffy cloud
walking aimlessly through an empty crowd,
She'll turn once in awhile to see if she's followed
but blinded by her fury, she sees nothing and is hollowed,
Several men are heard in the distance, but she picks up her pace
afraid to turn and stop, for they'll see the tears upon her face ..

When all seems lost the best we can ever hope to say,
is that our friends remember after that last day;
Yet until then each of us floats on the breath of life,
walking through crowds of hearts so cold they cut like a knife;
We keep checking over that shoulder and stay alert,
so blinded by anger trying to dispel the hurt;
Now you've covered the distance and returned to your place,
I thought to leave you a tissue for the tears upon your face....

Jill & Fox

© January 1994