Whooo is This?

Captured in this poem I hope I can show you,
    A portrait of a person deserving fame...
    Someone who represents the best in us all,
    Once in her presence you'll never be the same.

Her generosity seems to be boundless,
    And she treats everyone she meets kind and fair...
    She strives to make with all a lasting friendship,
    By much patience that's tempered with love and care.

Endearing is one of her best qualities,
    And the ability to put you at ease...
    Bring to her, over your head, the darkest cloud,
    And it will be the silver lining she sees.

Richly she blesses everyone that she knows,
    With her strength of character and her sharp wit...
    But wherein lies the true source of her power,
    Is seen in the gentleness of her spirit.

Young at heart and given to eternal hope,
    She is always there to help brighten a day...
    Or point out a wrong path that has been taken,
    In her austere, yet warm and kind-hearted way.

Loved by all of us who have come to know her,
    She has stood by each one of us to the end...
    Many acquaintances pass through each our lives,
    But she is that one to be called a best friend.


© August 1994