What Scares Jane?

What is it that unnerves a female,
    What can make her go insane?
What would terrify a lady so,
    I ask you, "What scares Jane?"

Of course there's the horror flic,
    With things that go bump in the night;
And a sudden clap of thunder,
    Can give anyone a fright.

But there are things more awful,
    That cause even the brave to dread;
For by far the worst kind of fear,
    Is the fear inside your head.

The tapping on the window,
    From the wind that buffets the trees;
Heralds the advent of danger,
    And causes your blood to freeze.

The creak of the basement stairs,
    As the house settles into place;
And even though you know it is so,
    Your heart begins to race.

Or that tightening in your chest,
    As you walk a lonely street;
The pounding in your temples,
    At the sound of approaching feet.

The hint of movement that you catch,
    In the corner of your eye;
You turn and look but all is still,
    Inside a voice whispers, "lie."

The shadows in the night replacing,
    Some half forgotten dream;
In a flash paralyzes the mind,
    And silences the scream.

Or that feel of impending doom,
    That makes your hair stand on end;
Sending a shiver down your spine,
    For reasons you can't defend.

I think that I have made my point,
    As you can certainly see;
The answer to, "What scares Jane?"
    Are the things that scare you and me.

So forget about the monsters,
    And those aliens from space;
The demons of a suspicious mind,
    Will be your fall from grace.


© January 1995