What if There Were No Church

Someone asked me just the other day,
  Can you imagine what it would likely be;
If the world were without the church,
  For those like you and like me.

First I'd imagine it would be lonelier,
  If the church were neither here nor there;
Without its guidance to show us how,
  To nuture one another with care.

And it is sure to be less merciful,
  With attitudes more takes than gives;
Where a person's rights are cheaper,
  With no concern for who dies or lives.

Where morals are so sadly lacking,
  With the world a very dismal place;
Without the knowledge of Jesus,
  And power of His saving grace.

So mostly it would be an uncharitable realm,
  With no one to show us about the true love;
The kind that is only taught by the church,
  The love that comes from the Father above.


© January 2002 (revised September 2003)