What Can Compare?

Tonight I watched the sun go down, but it just didn't seem to compare,
With the color of your ruby lips, or the shimmering of your soft hair;
A bird sings its final song of the day, before turning in for the night,
And melodic as it is to hear, it's your voice that gives me sheer delight.

A breeze arises from the East, blowing against me but not too much,
Yet it is no match when you are here, with the gentleness of your touch;
There comes a scent carried on the wind, of wild flowers now in bloom,
A shadow of the intoxication I've felt, when I breathe in your perfume.

The moon arcs upward silently now, glowing brighter as it gets higher,
But to the radiance of your very presence, it will never be able to aspire;
And as the stars sparkled into view, across the velvety black skies,
They pale in direct comparison, with the twinkle found in your eyes.

I sit here now and know I am unworthy, of your love and of your grace,
Yet all I can think about at the moment, is the smile that lights your face;
So I will simply say I love you, and remind you again how much I care,
And thank God for the love you've shown me, a love beyond compare.

por mi mariposa...


© June 2002