Welcome Gianna

Given to us this day from heaven, we will love you all our days
    To provide for you your needs, and guide you in all your ways

Investing in your future, empowering your hopes and schemes
    Pointing you toward the stars, and helping you fulfill your dreams

Always a source of security, we shall make for you a safe home
    A place where you are ever welcome, no matter how far you roam

Never a tear shall escape your eye, which will make us turn or hide
    Whether shed in joy or sorrow, we will remain steadfast by your side

Now we make this pledge for you, to be the best parents that we can
    To make you a part of this, our family, throughout your entire lifespan

And all that we shall ever ask, for all the times that we will ensue
    Is that you will never, ever forget, how much we will always love you

Mom & Dad


© June 2011