Wedding of Two Souls

Today we are gathering to celebrate, the joining of two hearts,
To witness another occurrence, of the love that God imparts;
For a man shall leave his parents, to cling forward with his wife,
And the two shall become as one, as they grow together in life.

For she shall respect her husband, and he shall cherish her more,
And love shall be what binds them, as they learn to each other adore;
Understanding that love is patient, and places the otherís needs first,
Standing together at all times, in periods of the best and the worst.

As love is not inclined to be offensive, neither is it easily set to rage,
Believes that love is great in kindness, and uses not wealth to gauge;
Since love does not promote envy, and does not rejoice in mistakes,
Reminds us always marriage, is about the givings and not the takes.

Because love finds delight in the truth, and frowns upon all sins,
Find forgiveness for the yesterdays, and each day a fresh start begins;
For this reason love always protects, always seeks in earnest hope,
Remembers to value the otherís trust, and never, ever fails to cope.

As you live day by day, remember there is a valley before each hill,
And when times grow harder, remain devoted to each other still;
For in this world of tribulation, where most choices the road is wide,
If you walk the pathway of Jesus, you will always walk side by side.


© 01/2012