Wall of Stones

Yesterday I took a moment, to reflect back upon my life,
And witnessed a sea of sorrow, hard times of doubt and strife;
All the hurt and misery, the loneliness, caused a tear to form,
How could anyone have survived all that, to weather such a storm?

I raised my fists in anger, and shouted to the sky in vain,
For not a word came back to me, no one came to ease my pain;
I hanged my head in exasperation, giving into a life gone wrong,
And there before my weary eyes, was the answer all along.

I stood upon a solid rock, safe above the turmoil and unrest,
Realizing that shattered scene was as close, as East is to the West;
Also there, to help separate me, from harm that comes my way,
Built by others, a wall of stones, to protect me day by day.

And each stone is a marker, to those who've walked along my road,
Who at times, most unselfishly, have carried a portion of the load;
Like my love, who recently, pulled me from life's churning water,
And there also, written so clearly, my adorable, loving daughter.

My sister is there, and my parents, on the stones so carefully laid,
Surrounded by, the many names, of the true friends that I have made;
Each has played an important roll, in building, for me, this place,
For the rock, upon which I stand, is the strength of God's good grace.

For Mom, Dad, April, Cheryl, Susan, and so many more.
God bless you all, as you have blessed me.


© September 2003