In the Waiting Room

O, great and powerful God, our Father, we thank You that we may draw near,
That You are mindful of our prayers, and long to remove each and every fear;
You set before us trials and tribulations, show us the good paths we should take,
But like the defiant child only considered, ourselves in the choices that we make.

We do not heed the wisdom of Your counsel, and find ourselves in another mess,
Realizing our way wasn’t as You intended, and now turn toward You and confess;
Crying out for Your divine intervention, to fix the things in our lives that are broken,
And though we know not what to say, You know our needs before they’re spoken.

So, at this solemn moment in Your presence, in the court of the Great Physician,
Let us humbly bow ourselves before You, and state to You our grievous petition;
We desire Your hand upon this situation, and beseech You for Your perfect will,
To rest in Your assurance of control, and peace to make our racing hearts be still.

We ask You bring clarity of knowledge, imparted to those of us that are involved,
And strength to all our families and friends, standing by until this can be resolved;
For Your strong shoulder to lean upon, for those of us who can only stand and wait,
And reveal Yourself to those who doubt, so that their unbelief will begin to abate.

So, as we wait here in the waiting room, as this season of testing runs its course,
Let us remember Who is exceedingly able, to restore all disorders at the source;
And lastly, give us the courage to face, whatever the outcome at the end of day,
Hear our supplications, our heavenly Father, for it is in Jesus’ holy name we pray.


©March 2019