The Verdict

I lay there in my cold, dark cell, knowing that I had done wrong,
They’ll send me to a God-forsaken Hell, right where I surely belong;
I suppose in the grand scheme, I’d be considered an average guy,
Yet somehow I knew this was serious, my guilt I could never deny.

I suddenly stood before the Magistrate, in all His glorious splendor,
Next to me glared the prosecutor, but I saw not my own defender;
When in walked a white-robed man, so humble, yet full of grace,
He said, “If it pleases the court, I’m here to state this man’s case.”

With a nod from the Judge, the prosecutor began to speak of me,
“This man has not led a good life,” to which he smiled with glee;
“And he has often fallen off the path, to go along his own way,
“Forgetting who made his life good, and often times failed to pray.

“This man deserves to be punished; can You not see this is true?
“He is a worthless, sinful man, who has no respect for You.
“I ask you now his sentence!” as I sat there holding my breath,
The Judge then justly spoke, “The penalty, of course, is death.”

My Advocate now rose, a smile spreading easily across His face,
Turned to the prosecutor said, “Oh, Satan, remember thy place.”
He walked up to the bench, and sat at the Judge’s right hand,
Addressed Him solemnly, “Father, will Satan never understand?

“With My blood, I paid his debt, having borne his sin on the tree,
“In accordance with Our plan, to those who would follow Me;
“When hearing My salvation, took hold of the precious opportunity,
“Becoming a joint heir, and from Satan gained diplomatic immunity.”

Then turning to me said, “You have been acquitted, court is adjourned,
“You are free of your past crimes, a not guilty verdict has been returned;
“Because you were a faithful servant, and decided to be born twice,
“Come with My Father and Me this day, join Us forever in paradise.”


© June 5, 2005