Please take heed of the tale I'm about to tell,
A warning about one of the spawns of hell;
A fiend, who's held a prisoner of the night,
Never again allowed to walk in sunlight.

A prince of darkness with eyes that appear red,
Able to assume forms both living and dead;
A bat or a wolf or fog along the ground,
Moving through the night without making a sound.

Lanky and gangly with skin alabaster,
Set on mankind to serve Satan its master;
Hiding in cellars,a coffin for its bed,
For such is the price of being the undead.

It has no reflection, its shadow untrue,
A look into its eyes can hypnotize you;
Drawn back lips reveal fangs sharp as a knife,
For piercing the skin and sucking out the life.

An existence of hunting, killing and death,
The drinking of blood and the taking of breath;
Gaining perverse pleasure in victims it slays,
Making it ageless as it transcends its days.

Though a powerful creature who's left its mark,
And rules the nighttide, a monster of the dark;
Can be rendered helpless and even destroyed,
When using methods our ancestors employed.

If uninvited it cannot be a guest,
Its skin will burn if dowsed with water that's blessed;
A necklace of garlic will keep it away,
Or the sign of the cross can hold it at bay.

But to kill the vampire requires creed,
A faith in God is the most important need;
Next a wooden stake through the heart in its chest,
Best done before sunset as it lies at rest.

Stuff the mouth with garlic, then cut off the head,
Turn it face down and say some prayers for the dead;
Sprinkle blessed water on burial ground,
And fill the coffin with roses all around.

Just one last task for the sake of certainty,
Down to a river where the water runs free;
Sink the coffin in midstream and seal its fate,
Its essence through running water can't migrate.

To you, a final warning of it I give,
Like us its main goal on this earth is to live;
An image of humankind it can project,
That even a comrade would never suspect.

So remember the signs from this little verse,
Avoid falling into the vampire's curse;
To protect yourself and justify the ends,
Always check that mirror, even among friends.

Vlad the Impaler (aka Fox)

© March 1995