Value of Friendship (Amy's Poem)

A close friend is more precious than silver,
    A true friend has more value than gold;
    For only such a friend will stay with you,
    When everyone else has turned cold.

Memories that carry us ever forward,
    Filling both lives involved full of joy;
    Building a bridge between their hearts,
    That no one may come and destroy.

You have been to me that good friend,
    Knowing you has caused me to be blessed;
    Your compassion has always been available,
    For those times I needed moments of rest.

Because of your honest love and kindness,
    Your ability to set at ease and console;
    Making the world around me seem better,
    That has at times lifted my troubled soul.

Every encounter has brought me profit,
    For your cheerfulness is real and sincere;
    Causing my mood to brighten directly,
    Because of this friendship we hold so dear.

Time on this earth is so limited and finite,
    Especially this place we call cyberspace;
    But know that daily I lift you up in prayer,
    Asking my God to impart to you His grace.

Heaven on that chosen day shall be paradise,
    But until my time down here comes to an end;
    I have been given the greatest of treasures,
    For God has made in you a faithful friend.


© April 2007