Today I Pondered

Today I pondered greatly, on the things that are to be,
The possibilities of tomorrow, the things I've yet to see;
And I came to the realization, though it is not to know,
It lies within my power, the direction in which I may go.

To venture left or right, is still my choice to make,
To live my life for others, or to live for my own sake;
To give up the good fight, and whither by the way,
Or stand against the tide, and live fully day-to-day.

So many courses of action, are mine alone to choose,
Sometimes I am the winner, sometimes I have to lose;
And considering my mortality, and seldom knowing why,
I comfort myself with the way, I choose to live and die.

For greater than the death of flesh, is the death of hope,
To see my life as meaningless, unable daily just to cope;
Without reasons for yesterday, today more endless screams,
And tomorrow holds nothing but, the death of all my dreams.

I look back and see today, the times that I chose wrong,
The obstacles put in my path, helping to make me strong;
So I pause and ponder greatly, on what does lie ahead,
Ever thankful that I chose God, and not the drugs instead.


© September 2003