Today (Day After)

Today, if I could be a be a color, I think I would be red,
Cause today I found out, you are back and our friendship will be fed;
For red is the color of the rose, so beautiful and alive,
A symbol that even through separation, our love, it can survive.

Today, if I could be a tree, a sequoia is what I would be,
Cause I feel a hundred meters tall, now that you're back with me;
Reaching higher and higher, being well rooted in the ground,
With the knowledge I will continue to grow, as long as you are around.

Today, if I could be a bird, I would choose to be a dove,
Cause now my soul is at peace, and I know that I have love;
My spirit soars, as I reach heights, I have never before known,
All of this, because of you, and the caring you have shown.

Today, if I could be a season, Spring would be the day,
Cause that's the time of renewal, a celebration in every way;
Life in all its glory, the beauty of nature to the extremes,
Your very presence an inspiration, for me to fulfill my dreams.

Today, if I could be a tool, I would be a stereo,
Cause it is so important, that you should always know;
That as long as we're together, and nothing keeps us apart,
I can sing to you, with music, the song that's in my heart.

Today, if I could be anyone at all, I would still be your friend,
Cause that's the best thing to be, when on someone you must depend;
To be there when things are grand, or the world is upside down,
And help you to feel better, with a smile to replace your frown.

But today I have no magic wishes, so I must remain as me,
Content in knowing you'll be back, whenever I set you free;
So know this my companion, you'll never have to fear,
Cause you are worth the wait, I always will be here.


© December 1993