Today, if I could be a color, I think I would be blue,
Cause today I found out, for a time, I'll be apart from you;
For blue is the color of the sky, wide and high above,
A symbol of the emptiness of what will be my unrequited love.

Today, if I could be a tree, a weeping willow is what I'd be,
Cause there would be constant tears, shed while you're away from me;
But the willow, when assaulted by the storm, knows enough to bend,
So I'll become as flexible and endure, until your return, my friend.

Today, if I could be a bird, I would choose to be a swan,
Cause in the beginning I'd be ugly, knowing you are gone;
But with the passage of time and the memory of your face,
I'd grow again to be a creature having style and grace.

Today, if I could be a season, winter would be my theme,
Cause without your inspiration, I'd lose the desire to dream;
I would go into hibernation, for the time you are far away,
And bloom anew, after the cold, your return being my Spring Day.

Today, if I could be a tool, I would be the map in your car,
Cause if you must be away, I could help show you where you are;
And should you happen to lose your way, while we are moving apart,
I'd be able to help you, find your way back to my lonely heart.

Today, if I could be anyone at all, I know I would be you,
Cause if I were, I'd be able to see, what you're going through;
I'd really understand your need, to discover your own space,
And if there will be room for me, when you return to this place.

But today I have no magic wishes, so I must remain as me,
Saying I will always be with you, even as I set you free;
And know that in your travels, may they lead you far or near,
When next you feel you need me, remember, I'll be waiting here.


© November 1993