Therein Lies Your Treasure

Rhyme and reason in daily living, are seldom close at hand,
    The whys which often plague us, slip through our fingers like sand;
    Until we're left with only memories, some good and others bad,
    Left with moments of elation, and overwhelming times of sad.

Alone the burdens can seem impossible, the loads we all must carry,
    And the pride that keeps it all inside, can make life very scary;
    But the Wisdom of the ages, provides a comfort to the bitter end,
    Sent to help us with His angels, is the miracle we call dear friend.

Caring far above and beyond, a friend asks nothing in return,
    But to simply be a part of you, as you live and love and learn;
    When you need a shoulder to cry on, or just a friendly face,
    Perhaps to chase away the blues, or to keep you in your place.

Helping you to find the path, when you have lost your way,
    Covering your back in troubled times, asssiting you though each day,
    Taking the time to listen, when no one else seems to care,
    You need not look behind you, for a friend will always be there.

Attentive to your changing needs, the first to share your pain,
    Undaunted by your erratic moods, that would drive another insane;
    A friend is best described by far, as a person who is blind,
    Standing fast with your many faults, and really doesn't mind.

Expansive is their affection for you, and if you put them to the test,
    You'll find all mistakes were placed, as far as east is from the west;
    And in a friend's watchful eyes, you can simply do no wrong,
    Just have minor setbacks, which in the end will make you strong.

Love unselfish is their greatest virtue, soaring high above the rest,
    Giving without the thought of taking, seems to be what they do best;
    So remember when the rains come, and the world has lost its pleasure,
    Hold fast to God and to your friends, for therein lies your treasure.

Thank you for allowing me to be your friend.


© July, 2001