Thanksgiving Prayer

Gracious, Heavenly Father, the one true God of all,
We praise You for Your blessings, this harvest day in Fall;
As we gather around the table, and bow our heads today,
Let us enter into Your presence, with thankful hearts and pray.

We give thanks to You for family, those dear to us near and far,
And ask that You provide them comfort, no matter where they are;
Remind each mother and father, every sibling, daughter, and son,
To pray for one another, before each day is over and done.

We thank You for our freedom, in this country tried and true,
Asking Your guidance for our leaders, in all they say and do;
To watch out over our soldiers, the men and women called to serve,
And give them needed courage, to fight for the liberty they preserve.

We thank You for Your bounty, the food that has been prepared,
On behalf of those who labored for, this meal about to be shared;
And thank You for this grateful time, where for each a place is set,
To receive yet another blessing, as our daily needs are met.

But most of all we thank You, for the sacrifice of Your Son,
Who gave His all at Calvary, so our victory over sin was won;
And gifted with Your good grace, which takes care of everything,
We pray this now in Jesus' name, our Savior, Lord, and King!


© November 2004