Susan's Poem

Sometimes without any reason, the absurd becomes the sublime
    Where two complete strangers, suddenly find some quality time
    To learn about one another, to have some fun and play
    And build upon a companionship, which grows more day by day

Understanding that in cyberspace, nothing is as it seems
    And knowing among the fantasy, that people still have dreams
    Yes, she calls him Hubby, and he calls her wifey, amidst their crew
    Such silly terms of endearment, for a familiarity thatís so new

So as they find things get tough, and they need someone to hear
    They found another to fill that need, someone eager to lend an ear
    Not to pass along any judgment, nor point out faults small or grand
    But give encouragement where needed, or simply reach out a hand

And as time rolls on to infinity, we are each given only a moment in time
    To make best of what weíve been given, on that ever upward climb
    We may choose to enjoy the sunshine, or be in fear of pending doom
    Or we can face the world together, and together chase away the gloom

Now there are many miles between them, and most say it can't be so
    That they can be more than acquaintances, itís the only thing theyíll know
    But I beg to differ on this subject, that no matter how the road, it bends
    Itís not about their location, but the two hearts that make them friends


© April 2011