As promised, my thoughts and impressions on the poem you sent me. I have not had time to polish this and in this case perhaps it's just as well, for it will express in words that which comes closest to my true feelings...

For Jane:

So they have come and demanded again,
    How much more can they possibly seek;
    Why must the strong always prove themselves,
    By preying upon the tired and the meek?

Unsympathetic to our common plights
    They take more than is their share;
    The hard won victories of our lives,
    Are often taken without a care.

Reports of death and anarchy continue to rise,
    Of our society, another sign of the times;
    It has become near impossible to meet,
    Someone who's not been touched by violent crimes.

Viruses now infect our bodies,
    That elude all attempts to be cured;
    In this "enlightened" day of wonders,
    How is it such tragedies can be endured?

I do not profess to have the answers,
    Nor would I pretend to give false hope;
    I can only relay to you my simple story,
    Of how daily I learned to cope.

Void was the substance of my existance,
    Life had dealt me some lousy cards;
    No job, a bottle my closest friend,
    As the reflection of my marriage lay in shards.

And when the perception of my meager reality,
    Became no better than the darkest I had dreamed;
    God revealed Himself and saved my wretched soul,
    Teaching me that my life could be redeemed.

Lord knows I have a lot more to learn about Him,
    But this I do know of those in His tender care;
    When He decides your time on earth is done,
    It's because He wants you to be with Him there.


© April 24, 1995