Strange Dream

I had the strangest dream last night, if you don't mind, I'll share
I dreamt of a world of pain, where no one I met seemed to care
I traveled from place to place, in search of someone who did
But my pleas for a friend went unanswered, from elder to youngest kid

I began to wander aimlessly, for my heart had been broken in two
How did this society become a world, all for me and none for you?
A culture based on greediness, where the strong suppress the meek
And lies are given more credence, over the truth anyone could speak

I saw it all laid out before me, an unreal, unforgiving domain
And cried out to anyone who would listen, before I went insane
And a tiny glistening caught my eye, out in the distant night
With nothing else to lose, I set out for the source of that light

After a time, I came upon a small place, a church really, nothing more
But the sign said all were welcome, so I entered in through the door
Inside I found a wonder beyond words, a spirit that burned so bright
Christians with love enough still, to hold back the encroaching night

I asked if I could seek refuge, begging forgiveness for being so bold
But the world outside had gone astray, human hearts had become too cold
The answer was an offered hand, an assurance all was not as it may seem
For love still existed in this world, as in the one outside this dream

How can this possibly be I asked? I have sought both high and low
Could I have overlooked something important, something I should know?
I'd been around the world looking, searching every corner of the Earth
To find the object of my quest, something to give my life some worth

They said it was not something, but a someone I had missed indeed
He was the answer to all my questions, to the cravings my only need
They inquired if I had heard of Jesus, I said I had looked through His book
They asked if they could pray with me, I said fine if that was all it took

I prayed with them in earnest, and to Jesus surrendered my heart
And filled with the Holy Spirit, the woes of the world began to depart
I was captured by the event, such joy and overwhelming elation
To find by becoming a child of God, I had become a new creation

I woke up the following morning, with a feeling of comfort and peace
With the promise of God's presence, and His love that does increase
Able to stand firm against all adversity, and that wily Devil's schemes
Having the reassurance that my God, even protects me in my dreams


© April 2005