The weather is cold, the sky is clear and the moment seems to be just right;
I pull on my coat, step out the back door and walk a ways into the night.
Past the trees, to the middle of a field, next to a meandering brook;
I take a deep breath, tilt my head back and into eternity I look.

There, so many visions, I am struck by the magnitude of such a feat;
That the coldness of space is tempered by the warmth of a billion sun's heat;
Not unlike a huge treasure, made up of sparkling diamonds and sapphires;
Stars flashing a message of majesty and calling up secret desires.

Suddenly my heart is filled with wonder and my pulse begins to race;
Beholding the riches of the heavens and the vastness of outer space.
I stretch out my hand to be that much closer to the myriad of lights;
With the imagination of a child, I soar through its glittering heights.

Out past the moon, so pale and full, past the angry red colored planet Mars;
Beyond Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune, into a galaxy of stars.
Surrounded by a great multitude of bright burning fires of glory;
That extend as far as the eye can see like a never-ending story.

Filled with old history, unfolding before me like a classical play;
Each constellation having a tale to tell about our own Milky Way.
Here among the shining points, I am, with the music of the spheres, in tune;
Though I would like to stay and listen forever, I must return home soon.

Following a meteor's fiery arc across the darkening sky;
Back to Earth, my thoughts focusing inward, my body releasing a sigh.
Sharing this moment in time, a tear slowly travels the side of my face;
Not one of sadness, but of joy, for the Maker of such beauty and grace.

For each time spent, in the company of stars, my spirit actually beams;
Fortifying my very soul and encouraging me to fulfill my dreams.
With a last look and a parting nod, I turn and walk back the way I came;
It seems to me, though the stars do not change, I never return quite the same.


© 1991