Tale of the S.S. Forever

It was many, and many a year ago, on that day my father told,
Of a sunken treasure down below, of the finest silver and gold;
And the only way to reach it, was filled with peril and danger,
But those were mere annoyances, to something even stranger.

As the tale's been handed down, more than 50 years had past,
Since the aging S.S. Forever, left home port and sailed her last;
She steamed up along the Hudson, into the lake she hit a squall,
And down she went to the bottom, the crew, the cargo and all.

Since many have sought her bounty, and many a diver has said,
The prize is deemed unreachable, protected by its dead;
The water feels much colder, than is normal for the place,
And rumors say some adventurers, have vanished without a trace.

There's also talk by some, the ship can change its downed position,
When a humming can be heard, like distant engines if you listen;
Others claim that shadows, caught out the corner of one's eye,
Give the appearence of distance, though the ship may be near by.

But surely those were only stories, told to frighten me as a kid,
Because now that I've grown up, I'm going to do as my father did;
I'm going to find that treasure, waiting for the right person to be sent,
Though he never did come back that day, I'm sure it was an accident.


© August 1997