Just take a moment to pause,
    and look what's grown of the earth;
After the void of winter,
    the world's been given new birth.

The sun is shining brightly,
    the sky is a perfect blue;
The birds are singing gaily,
    the grass glistens in the dew.

The plants have started growing,
    an elm tree provides some shade;
Swans glide across the waters,
    of the pond beside the glade.

A light breeze stirs the meadow,
    bringing with it a sweet scent;
From the flowers in the field,
    adorning the firmament.

Evidently Spring has sprung,
    bringing weather kind and fair;
A time for God to flaunt,
    nature's beauty beyond compare.


Because everyone's been so touchy...
    and feeling rather blue...
I wrote this to help spread some cheer...
    besides, Cheryl asked me to. [G]


© April 1995