Something Precious

Of late I have come to realize, more lies behind than is ahead,
There is so much left to accomplish, so much still yet to be said;
But time allows no stopping, moving ever forward in haste,
How often in our carelessness, much gets left to waste.

However, the walk has its moments, if one takes the time to look,
You will find it not in front of you, nor find it in any book;
A treasure awaits for each of us, who take the time to seek,
Another soul to share the walk, and with their heart can speak.

Recently, I found someone, and tough we are very far apart,
A piece of my soul was purchased, and paid for with a heart;
That for now and forever, a special bond has come into play,
For I found something precious, as I passed along the way.

And if ever the road grows narrow, and ostacles do abound,
They will never have to worry, I will always be around;
To lend a hand for helping, or to brush away a tear,
To be a solace in time of need, and chase away each fear.

For a part of me also, was sold that day, and now they hold the deed,
And I rest in the comforting knowledge, they also see my need;
So wherever we may travel henceforth, barring all reason and rhyme,
We both found something precious, I know, to last throughout all time.

To all those true friends we find along the way...


© October 1996