So busy is my daily life, that time is often hard to find
    Yet I felt it most important, that I should bring you to mind

It is God's will that I remember, to lift you up in prayer
    To take a precious moment, to tell Him how much I care

Seeking the Spirit's guidance, in directing how I should live
    Taking solace in His presence, and the love He has to give

Then setting aside myself, to intercede for my sister in need
    Lifting her up to You, Lord, for You are all knowing indeed

Ever attentive and loving, the Almighty hears my fervent plea
    And being the faithful Father, He lifts you up for me

Rejoicing at end of day, though somethings I failed to put away
    I made time for you my sister, and prayed for you today

        For your sister, no matter which family they're in...


© May 2009