Shirley's Poem

Surely someone could say this better,
    Perhaps one with the poet's tongue;
    Or perchance a choir of angels,
    So your praises may be sung.

However I am afraid at best,
    You are left with only me;
    So listen up very carefully,
    And see what we shall see.

I have watched you now for ages,
    And your kindness is most clear;
    As is your steadfast caring,
    To all of us who hold you dear.

Rare are people of your character,
    In this life those like you are few;
    Who set aside their own lives,
    To be a friend that's always true.

Let us now examine the evidence,
    That sets you from the rest apart;
    To me it is really quite obvious,
    It is the size of your loving heart.

Ever ready to spread its love,
    And open to those in need;
    Of all those I have encountered,
    Yours is above the rest indeed.

Your tender spirit has renewed me,
    And it may not have been the goal;
    But the love that you have shared,
    Has forever touched my soul.


© November 2001