Shelly's Poem

Shadows fall across the yard,
    As another day draws to an end;
    I quietly review the recent past,
    And about my new found friend.

How she makes me feel so good,
    Whenever she is close by;
    A sensation of serenity,
    And here are my reasons why.

Even when we first met,
    I felt a special kind of bond;
    When offered up the chance,
    She didn't hesitate to respond.

Lazy mornings became our time,
    To build upon our goal;
    Of creating a new friendship,
    And talking soul to soul.

Long at last we finally met,
    Sharing time face to face;
    I can say from this day forward,
    She's earned, in my heart, a place.

Years will come and surely pass,
    And many shall fall by the way;
    But good friends last a lifetime,
    As shall we, forever and a day.


© December 2001