Shelley's Poem (smiles)

Some times in our lives,
    A person comes our way;
    That becomes so much more,
    Than an acquaintance for a day.

Most will be a companion,
    But some will go the next part;
    To bridge the distance to friendship,
    So it becomes a matter of the heart.

I shall not forget your thoughtfulness,
    And the time with me you've shared;
    You opened up to me your life,
    And showed me how much you cared.

Like an angel of mercy,
    You took me in for a season;
    Treated me like I was family,
    A friend being your only reason.

Eternally I will be grateful,
    For your compassion when key;
    Your kindness when essential,
    With a neighbor's love for me.

So I leave you with these words,
    For you gave to me your best;
    May God shower you with His love,
    And keep you always blessed.


© December 2001