Shadow of Suffering

Each of us finds at diverse times, that life is just so not fair,
Doing its best to uproot normality, regarding us with little care;
Morality is being laid to rest, by the latest whatever’s hot,
The sanctity of holy matrimony, cast aside for a greener spot.

Our children cringe in fear, where once were kisses and hugs,
Now they’re dodging stray bullets, and pressured to do drugs;
Babies taken from the womb, before their time is to emerge,
Without responsibility, we see it as a non-life we can purge.

When does the madness end, how long to enter into daylight?
To escape the trappings of darkness, and walk out of the night?
The world offers no answers, in surviving the lunacy of today,
But all is not completely hopeless; there has been made a way.

For God so loved His children, He gave His only begotten Son,
So that we could have an Advocate, every battle already won;
A Shepherd for the lost sheep, and to everyone who asks Him in,
A Protector against the evils, of this world falling deeper into sin.

And once the choice is made, to rise above the world’s despair,
Because He first loved us, now we in turn must show we care;
To shed light on the shadow of suffering, starts with you and I,
With prayers for one another, answered by God Himself on high.


© July 2004 (revised 2011)