Scully & Mulder

When considering the possibilities, of all the people we meet,
How slim the chances of someone, who makes a team complete;
Where forms a lasting commitment, covering the other's back,
Supporting the other's endeavors, and keeping them on the track.

A case in point is most evident, when concerning these special two,
Something that evolved unexpectedly, that happens to only a very few;
A bonding of two spirits, from which no one really knows the start,
Only that a friendship developed, and found places in the heart.

They are known as Agents Fox_Muldr, and, of course, Scully` is her name,
Often they are seen playing together, but to them it's more than just a game;
And though each of them has separate lives, that does not involve the other,
When it comes to being a partner, neither would think to ask for another.

For Keely`


© December 1996