The Sand Castle

I looked out upon the water, as the land came to an end
To lose myself on the horizon, and not look around the bend
When I saw you on the beach, building a castle in the sand
I walked down and stood beside you, and offered up a hand

You looked up rather sadly, but made no gesture for me to leave
I asked if I might join your effort, yet no answer did I receive
So I spoke no further and sat right down, beside you in the sand
And went to work on a castle wall, as if it were as planned

We spent the afternoon in silence, working side by side
Racing against the setting sun, and the ever encroaching tide
Soon we'd forged a masterpiece, out of the shell and sand
And as the water lapped at its door, I began to understand

I looked up and saw a lighthouse, built high upon a stone
Standing againt all rains, and the harsh winds that had blown
A contrast to the foolish man, who builds a castle upon the sand
For a life built upon the rock, can steadfastly make a stand

You stand up beside me, watching the sea take our small domain
Breaking down the walls and towers, until nothing of it will remain
And the lesson to be learned, that our lives can be a castle of sand
Or built upon the Rock of Ages, where against eternity it may stand

As the sun begins to set, and the light fades from the shore
I offer up my arm to you, and walk down the beach to explore
Making our way toward the rock, and away from the unstable sand
To build something more eternal, forged together hand-in-hand


© September 2004