You Renew Me

You have called me out of the darkness,
By Your very holiness have set me apart;
You have made me in Your own image,
And desire for me to follow Your heart.

Your mercy has spared me just punishment,
Your grace lavishes me with Your treasure;
Your faithfulness fills me with lasting hope,
And Your love for me is beyond all measure.

Yet how have I repaid Your considerations?
What have I done to respond to You in kind?
I live in unforgiveness of my own trespassers,
And go about my day without You in mind.

Lord, help me to be a more humble servant,
To serve my neighbor in their times of need;
Let my good deeds bring You all the glory,
Knowing there is a hungry world to feed.

I confess I am unworthy of any of Your notice,
Yet you continue to remind me You are above;
Though my failures often outweigh my service,


©March 2019