Reflections . . .

Days now pass all too quickly, as I enter into my later years,
    And looking back on a lifetime, of the blood and sweat and tears;
    Now my time so far isn't legendary, in fact it's been rather plain,
    It doesn't bear the mark of grandeur, but neither has it been inane.

Along the way have been sorrows, tribulations to test the soul,
    Not withstanding life's normal quirks, that often took its toll;
    In spite of all of these deterrents, all times were not so bad,
    Dancing to a paid piper, brought several experiences of glad.

Note the blessed events, that brought my children among the living,
    Incredible relationships with people, who enjoyed the gifts of giving;
    Dawns that refreshed my spirit, and sunsets that took my breath,
    Also the majesty of nature, its journey through life unto death.

I pause now for reflection, and confirm with this my testament,
    Do remember to thank the Almighty, for the angels He has sent;
    Among them are many strangers, but the most love He does show,
    Next to His heavenly angels, are the friends we've come to know.

I count my blessings in friendships... thank you all.


© March 1997