Rebuild a Heart

I got past your guarded wall, and found my way to your side,
You only smiled a sad smile, as I asked what it is you hide;
You take me by the hand, and lead me up to the tall tower,
I will finally know the real you, see the sources of your power.

I brace myself for this great wonder, the place from which you start,
You open the keep and stand aside, to reveal your fractured heart;
You turn to walk away, with your head bowed hiding the tears,
I slip my arms around you, and promise to take away your fears.

I remind you how much I love you, that I am only here to give,
You want to really believe this, needing so much again to live;
You have heard this line before, there's no more of you to take,
I turn you, look into your eyes, giving no defense for your sake.

I hold out my hand and ask, "Will you take this one more chance?
You follow me across the floor, as I lead you in a silent dance;
You forget about the haunted past, and allow yourself to feel,
I hold you a little tighter, a fragment of your heart begins to heal.

I lean in even closer, to whisper the words of your favorite song,
You give me an audible sigh, safe in my arms as I carry you along;
You begin to think it so, perhaps together we can rebuild a heart,
I know a dance isn't much to go on, but at least it is a good start


© May 2002