Rare & Precious  (Friends are Angels)

Rare in my lifetime are, the moments that really stand out,
    That confirm the simple meaning, to what living is all about;
    And gave me the hope to carry on, for just that one more mile,
    To move past all those times, of distressing tribulation and trial.

On a few of those occasions, I chanced upon a kinder soul,
    Who filled in some emptiness, and reminded me of my goal;
    And sought me out in bad times, when I felt it best to hide,
    Turning my cold into warmth, by faithfully staying at my side.

Some whose self-sacrifice, became sunshine during the rain,
    Others whose caring spirit, was a gentle healing for my pain;
    One a key to freedom, when the chains of life grew too strong,
    Another a needed source of comfort, when I felt I didn't belong.

And suddenly God granted a miracle, allowed an angel from above,
    To be sent to me in my darkest hour, to share with me her love;
    So let it be known to all who ask, that she has become a part,
    Of the rare and precious few, who are forever bound to my heart.


© May 2001