Rachael's Birthday `94

For Rachael (mi sobrina)

Today is a very special day,
For someone's birthday is here;
In this wonderful adventure of life,
You've completed another year.

Becoming a fine young lady,
You are growing more each day;
I'm glad I got to meet you,
What more is there to say?

Expect now that you're 9 years old
In this Springtime month of May;
I wrote, for you, this little poem,
With a wish for a very Happy Birthday.

Tio Lorenzo

© May 1994

    Rachael's Birthday `95

For Rachael (mi sobrina)

Another year has come and gone,
Your birthday is here once again;
And on this very fine day in May,
You have reached the age of ten.

I did not bring for you any gifts,
Nor money for you to spend;
I brought only this simple verse,
Expressing the prayers of a friend.

May every new day that follows,
Bring you a measure of good cheer;
And the daily blessings of life,
Be plentiful throughout the year.

Tio Zorro

© May 1995

    Rachael's Birthday `96

For Rachael (mi sobrina)

Another year has passed right by,
You're eleven-years-old today;
And again we've gathered together,
For this special day in May.

Now before you start this new year,
Take a moment to review the past;
Think about all the good times,
And make them memories to last.

Sow kindness to all you encounter,
With each moment that comes your way;
And hold fast to friends and family,
To make every day as special as today.

Tio Fox

© May 1996