Puzzle of Life

Life should have challenge or it becomes weak,
Living is for the strong, existence the meek.
So take up the gauntlet, face down the terror,
Don't play it safe, learn by trial and error.

Play not to win, but to just enjoy the sport,
Fear not of the people with the tactless retort.
Go for the gusto and do what you can,
For you only go 'round once, so says the plan.

And seek out a partner to travel the road,
Living is easier when you share the load.
Also make good friends so when the day is done,
You can relax with them, today's battles won.

Hold on to family values as you would a rope,
Think not of despair, but rather of hope.
Enjoy the laughter and smiles of a loved one,
For once after the first step, soon they shall run.

Make life worth while, reach beyond what you can see,
Searching the future for your best destiny.
But never forsake your roots, where you came from,
For the past defines the now, and what is to come.

Care for every piece of your life,
As you would care for your son or your wife.
For sometimes it's very frightening to see,
That life is one big mystery...

Fox & Jill

© 1993