The Promise

Out of the darkness I heard a small cry,
Searching for the answers to why...
Alone in the world, no one to share the rain,
So much to lose, so little to gain.

I opened my heart and answered the plea,
Having nothing to offer, nothing but me...
I made for you a promise, never to be broken,
With these words and those that aren't spoken.

"I wish there were magic words I could say,
To make all of your fears go away;
I wish I had the answers to all your whys,
To say that I did would only be lies.

"I can't change the past or what is to be,
I can't change now and set you free;
I can't even go with you to the road's end,
But until that time, I'll be your friend.

"So hold up your head and please don't cry,
Sometimes it's best to not know why;
Just reach out to me and take hold of my hand,
Together we'll search for the promised land."


© June 1994