A princess Story

Once upon a time in cyberspace, that made things not so far away,
There lived a little princess, who was notorious for her carefree way;
Yet lived only for her loving Master, to all, this was very plain to see,
No other man could possess her, and all seemed just as it should be.

When one day a wandering minstrel, happened to be passing through,
Speaking to all, matters of the heart, speaking of what was true;
Having been given a marvelous gift, language being able to control,
That his words captured her fancy, and touched a part of her soul.

He spoke of a magnificent love, a love between a girl and a boy,
And how it grew stronger, day by day, daily increasing with its joy;
He told of the bonding love of families, how special that can be,
Of friends he and others came to adore, to each’s happiness, a key.

Then he let it be known, of the greatest love, the world had ever felt,
Of the King of kings, who stepped out of glory, and came to us and dwelt;
Who lived a humble life of servitude, sharing His heart to those in loss,
Then laid down His life, as a sacrifice, paid the world’s debt upon a cross.

The minstrel finished his story, but took no recompense for his account,
Asked only that the love be passed on, to every valley, plain and mount;
This gave the princess much to ponder, what may lie around the next bend,
But of one thing she was certain, in the minstrel she had found a true friend.


© May 2011