Paula's Poem

That God should bring us together, on the path we find ourselves upon,
Knowing of our frail needs, to replace the things that now are gone;
Is not at all together unexpected, for the joy sent down from above,
Creates new and binding unions, when a friendship's built on love.

And times we have spent together, were for me among the very best,
In times when strife and anguish ruled, you afforded me some rest;
When times where bright and happy, you made me all the more carefree,
Through the times of pain and sorrow, you were always there for me.

Despite our varying differences, we soon found some common goals,
And love not unlike a family's, that reached down to our very souls;
You have been a faithful friend, and for the times that we're apart,
You will always be near to me, for you've earned a place in my heart.


© March 28, 1997