Ode to a Demi-god

O, how thou hast risen greatly, a new, bright shining star,
But we, your peers, have noticed, and see just what you are;
Where once you stood among us, conversing where we'd meet,
Now you stand on a pedestal, and desire we kiss your feet.

Your methods, deemed unorthodox, you were such a clown,
Nowadays I forget to sign a form, I'm told you'll bring me down;
Once a comrade in arms, an honorable fellow academician,
Suddenly drawing lines in the sand, enforcing your position.

How good the times of yesterday, the bantering of friend to friend,
And with your first official act, your threats brought it to an end;
Times of idle chatter spent, and sharing a hardy joke or two,
Has come down to social caste, there's us and then there's YOU.

You played your games before, and justified them in your own mind,
Demigods are bad enough, but you, sir, are truly the worst kind;
You talked of making things better for us, should it ever come to be,
Now in a place of authority, we find it was all just more hypocrisy.

So the sides have now been chosen, the battles lines are drawn,
Any chance for diplomacy burned, your bridges are all gone;
From this moment on choose carefully, the stones that you will cast,
Cause mark my words, at the end of all of this, we'll be standing last.

How's that for a threat?


© July 2000