No Tomorrow

I have taken a wrong road, one which is wide,
Did what was best for me, and put them aside;
Now my child comes to me, with an ordeal,
One that will take years, for all the hurts to heal.

How could I have been, so blind to her need,
Was I not young once, and know where it could lead?
Why'd I cover my ears, and refuse to hear?
Always there for others, but not one so near.

And now I must face, the error of my ways,
To comfort my loved ones, through long nights and days;
Then make the decision, with so many whys,
A choice where the stakes are, who lives and who dies.

What's the right answer, when both are so wrong?
No matter my choice, I must remain strong;
For many, one path leads, to so much sorrow,
For one, so short, as to have no tomorrow.

But the needs of the many, outweight the few,
So may God forgive me, for what I must do;
I take the path that ends, the life He had planned,
And pray come Judgment Day, He will understand.


© November 1994