Nibble, Nibble...

Nibble, nibble, like a deer .. Who's that nibbling on my ear.
At first I panic, want to run. but all is well, it's a loved one.
I turn to look into their eyes and feel myself begin to rise
A height I can only see when my loved one is next to me...
I reach out and take your hand, your gentle touch helps me stand.
A deep breath and then a sigh, I love that twinkle in your eye...
For you mean the world to me..
And that's the way I want it to always be..
Blessed thy love that which you give to me..
And cursed thy situation for which you long to be free..
Knowing that together we two are one...
Bound by a love that can't be undone...
A blush of the cheek, a gentle smile...
Gives me the courage to go the extra mile...
So my love, we journey endlessly to find that special place
Where we can be together as one .. and end this dreamy race ..
Once we're there I'm sure you'll see that all was worth the wait
So follow me to this place and leave all to be irate ..
Forgo the chains that bind you .. forgo the dreary day
For what you dream can not be taken by what anyone will say ..
For the world is a cruel mistress, her embrace a choking hold,
But together we can break free from human hearts turned cold.
So dream your dreams, my love, and know that I will always be here,
To help you reach for the summits or wipe away a tear.
I say this now for all to hear and know this to be true,
Through good and bad, through joy and pain, I will always love you.
And so for you I make this pledge, upon my beating heart,
We shall walk the road together, `til death it do us part.

Jill & Fox

© 1993