Never Have to Walk Alone

What I am about to say is special and I hope you will not mind,
But of all the souls I have encountered, yours is the most kind.
I want to say thank you, concerning the things for me you've done,
For when it comes to being a friend, dear, you are second to none.

I wish you well in all you set out to accomplish in this world,
For I know that the time will come when the red carpet will be unfurled;
To lead you to that wondrous place, like heaven in all its extremes,
A place to sit and rest awhile, the place from out of your dreams.

But until that day remember to count on your friends to be here,
And I will always be a part of you, whether you are far or near.
To help you again find the path, if you should ever lose your way,
Or just to be your companion through the trails of day to day.

Now hold your head up high and let forward be your view,
You needn't look over your shoulder, I'll be there for you.
So journey well my darling, knowing you will not be on your own,
For as long as I am here, you will never have to walk alone.


© November 1993