My Reminders...

A colorful sunset, a blue sky, a beautiful flower, a lone butterfly,
A cozy bed, a gentle breeze, a kept promise, a friendly tease;
A newborn baby, an old friend, a fresh beginning, a happy end,
A lightning storm, a summer place, a soft kiss, a warm embrace.

A kitten's mew, a playful pup, a found penny, a favorite cup,
A birthday gift, an Autumn moon, a classic movie, a joyful tune;
A kitchen smell, a hidden prize, a twinkling star, a child's eyes,
A babbling brook, a teddybear, a candle scent, a grateful prayer.

A pleasant dream, a fluffy cloud, a morning dew, a laugh outloud,
An ocean beach, a flying kite, a party invitation, a neon light;
A homemade pie, an evening walk, a camp fire, a good talk,
A cool lemonade, a new start, a silent moment, a thankful heart.

All these things, I know so clear, my reminders of, life so dear,
I'd forsake them, every one, when everything, was said and done;
To spend time, even just an hour, if only it were, within my power,
To hold you close, to dance too, and whisper forever, I love you.

Por mi mariposa...


© June 2002 (revised 07/2008)