My Friends

It's been so very long, I wasn't sure I still could,
But the cause is so worthy, I thought that I should;
So I'll try my best to tell you, before this poem ends,
How I feel about those I call, my close and dear friends.

So important are these people, mere words don't seem fair,
The way they stand by me, and the way they've shown they care;
I've grown to appreciate them, in so many ways,
They are the reason for, the brightening of my days.

Let's start with Mike, a young man who is on the rise,
You know him as Dr Doom, but that's just his disguise;
We have talked for hours, and he's so eager to learn,
But I tell you now, he gives me, so much in return.

Together we have searched, and found so many a truth,
He's helped me to remember, the good times of my youth;
So I thank him now for the chats, we have struggled through,
And know I wish him well, in all he sets out to do.

Next up is Cheryl, who by far stands above the rest,
When it comes to caring, there really is no contest;
Always ready to help, or impart sincere advise,
For she has a heart of gold, and a soul twice as nice.

Taking time to talk, or lift my spirits when I'm sad,
Now I think of her, as the sister I never had;
And so to her also, a heart-felt thank you is due,
I want her to know, I will always care for her too.

I saved Jill for last, because that's where you put the best,
The possessor of a great will, on a lonely quest;
She has the gift of words, which she wields for poetry,
But she is very much more, in what she means to me.

A unique bond of spirits, which is a mystery,
More than an acquaintance, she's become a part of me;
So I thank her just for being, one of my close friends,
And promise to be here for her, `til, the road, it ends.

There have been others who have helped, shape what I've become,
By adding to my soul, or subtracting from the sum;
But these three have gone beyond, in helping me be me,
I could not care for them more, being like family.

Together they have saved me, and each has played a part,
In restoring my spirit, and setting free my heart;
To just say thank you to each one, seems a price too small,
So I'll close by adding this, `I love you' one and all.


© February 1994