My Friend

I have a friend who cares for me, each and every day.
Just how much my friend loves me, I'm not sure I can say.
But I know it's more than any, I have yet to meet.
My friend, who's better than I, has even washed my feet.

And each day I thank God, for sending me this friend.
Who will always care for me, on whom I can depend.
One who is unselfish, and as true a friend can be.
So much so as to put aside, life itself for me.

I've known many in my life, but never such a friend.
To ever stand by me, walking all roads to their end.
Since I met this friend, my life hasn't been quite the same.
For my friend is Heaven sent, and Jesus is His name.


© May 1994 (revised 8/2000)